Crisis & Disaster

Are you prepared for the worst?

If I would be writing this article anytime last year, probably no one would ever read it. I mean let’s face it, who the hell thinks in normal times about potential crisis & disasters that might or might not happen? Well, governments do, and so do organizations and all kind of corporations and businesses, at least the big ones. There is actually a whole industry out there that deals with the preparation and proper response for any kind of crisis & disasters.

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The End is near, or is it not?

There has been a lot of hype over the new Corona virus pandemic and certainly the media was playing a big role in all this, but governments around the world did they part too, as an unseen mass hysteria has been created. It was end of February, I traveled back from a business meeting in Dublin to London and the local Newspaper cover page only had five words written in huge letters covering the whole page “The killer virus is here!” At that day, the first infected person in Ireland was confirmed.

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