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The End is near, or is it not?

There has been a lot of hype over the new Corona virus pandemic and certainly the media was playing a big role in all this, but governments around the world did they part too, as an unseen mass hysteria has been created. It was end of February, I traveled back from a business meeting in Dublin to London and the local Newspaper cover page only had five words written in huge letters covering the whole page “The killer virus is here!” At that day, the first infected person in Ireland was confirmed.

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Women's self-defence - Renato Skofac

Women’s self-defence – does that even work?

We all can at some point get exposed to threats and potentially dangerous situations where we can get assaulted, mugged or even worse, no matter where we live or how much money we earn. The world is not a perfect place, far from it and the streets are not always safe. There might be differences in the number of violent attacks, rapes and stabbings if you compare a metropolis like London, New York, Paris or Berlin with smaller cities, but still, one cannot say that it is really safe anywhere, especially if you are a woman!

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home security

Is your home at risk of getting burglarized?

It amazes me, how many different answers one can get to such a simple question and yet, only rarely you get an objective and realistic answer. What sticks out, is that there are two main categories of opinions. There are those who think there is nothing a burglar would desire in their home, therefore protection seems to be unnecessary, and on the other far end there are those who have a monitored security system installed and therefore believe their home is now an impregnable fortress. Would it surprise you if I say that they are both wrong?

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Security guards – the underestimated profession

As part of what I am trying to accomplish with this blog, is to give ordinary people an insight and better understanding of security related subjects. A large part of public and private security is driven by services that are being provided by private security companies. They provide essential services not only to businesses but also to the public, like the transit of cash to every store, ATM and banks for example, watching over our safety at large events, or in shopping malls, protecting staff in hospitals.

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security tips travel safety

Traveling for work? Who takes care of your safety?

Traveling for work can be sometimes a welcome alternative to sitting in an office day in, day out. But anyone who travels frequently will tell you that it has also it’s downsides. For one, it can be very tiring to constantly travel, after all you are not a tourist, you have work to do as anyone in an office has too, but you also have planes to catch, you do calls and online meetings in taxis between hotels and airports.

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