Why you should avoid conflicts at any cost

Well, let us be clear about this right from the start, a “self-defence” situation only applies when you do not have any other option than to fight back! That means there is no more option to turn around and run away, or to resolve it in any other way. Everything else is a “fight”, a situation where two or more individuals have concisely chosen to get into a physical confrontation with each other.

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Where you should look for good self-defence training?

Back in the old days, if you were on the search for a good master to teach you proper fighting skills, you would have probably ended up in some mystical monastery, high up at a difficult to reach and deserted mountain. They would shave your head and bald-headed you would daily carry gallons of water up the mountain for years until one day you would become really tough and ready to face the dangers of the outside world.

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How important is your self-defence instructor’s background?

If you follow my posts here, you already know that my views on parts of the self-defence community are somewhat critical. After a lifetime being involved in martial arts on one side, but also with real forms of violence on the professional side, I just happen to have an opinion on certain things. You would probably be surprised to find that despite my vast personal experience, I believe to be far more open-minded than many of my industry colleagues out there.

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What self-defence training should look like

OK, so you’ve decided that you need to do something for your personal safety and you want to learn some self-defence. That’s a good decision, but where do you go to? Do you just sign up at the closest martial arts studio? Does it matter what martial art you train and do martial arts even teach you proper self-defence? Once you type self-defence on your search page, you will discover that there are actually a lot of different providers offering some form of self-defence training.

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Renato Skofac Personal Safety

Identifying if you are at risk

Sadly the world is not all sunshine and happiness, there are some unpleasant individuals out there that might want to do us some harm for various reasons, I assume we can all agree on that, if not read this post first. But what exactly are you supposed to do about it? Should you now hide from the world to be safe or walk the streets in fear? How do you actually know what kind of threats are of real concern to you personally and could you eventually simply ignore some? Let’s find out, shall we?

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Think about safety before it’s too late!

I have made it my mission to educate people on how to stay safe and I do so by writing this blog, posting videos on a Youtube channel, and organizing practical self-defence courses. Over time I have discovered that there is one major factor that significantly contributes to the fact that most people do not know how to react in a critical and dangerous situation and it might surprise you that I am not talking about criminals or individuals with ill intentions, but actually our own ignorance.

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Understanding personal safety

If you are on the search for good advice on how to protect yourself and your loved ones, chances are that you will find a lot of rather confusing, contradictory and even questionable information out there instead. Personal safety and self-defence are somewhat “no man’s land”, although claimed by many as a domain in which they are experts. In reality, this expertise is often more based on self-promotion, than it is on real-life experience.

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Women's self-defence - Renato Skofac

Women’s self-defence – does that even work?

We all can at some point get exposed to threats and potentially dangerous situations where we can get assaulted, mugged or even worse, no matter where we live or how much money we earn. The world is not a perfect place, far from it and the streets are not always safe. There might be differences in the number of violent attacks, rapes and stabbings if you compare a metropolis like London, New York, Paris or Berlin with smaller cities, but still, one cannot say that it is really safe anywhere, especially if you are a woman!

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security tips travel safety

Traveling for work? Who takes care of your safety?

Traveling for work can be sometimes a welcome alternative to sitting in an office day in, day out. But anyone who travels frequently will tell you that it has also it’s downsides. For one, it can be very tiring to constantly travel, after all you are not a tourist, you have work to do as anyone in an office has too, but you also have planes to catch, you do calls and online meetings in taxis between hotels and airports.

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