I’m All Ears

Hi stranger, welcome, step right into my office and take a seat, as you can see there’s plenty of chairs 😉 So, you’re on my contact page? That means I either said something that upset you so much you desperately wanna let me know, or I actually did something right and you want to send me some appreciation (both is absolutely welcome). Should you have any questions in regards to safety and security issues, feel free to ask, I will do my best to respond. I am usually pretty busy traveling to different places and saving the world (only a metaphor), therefore please do not expect to receive answers within 24hrs, it might take me a while to respond. Should you have any real emergency and you are looking for help, please go to the Police! I give gladly free advise where I can, but time is limited and one has to make a living, so I am sure you understand.

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