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There are certainly already many blogs about security advice out there, so you might wonder why did I think the world would need another one? Well, I have spent now some 25+ years working in the security industry and counting, mostly protecting businesses, politicians, corporations. Whenever I was able to work with ordinary people, helping them to protect their homes or teaching them how to defend themselves and their loved ones, my work had a REAL MEANING! I felt that I was doing something good and useful and that made me feel good in return.

Do you need to protect yourself?

Despite all the progress of our modern society, the world we live in can at times still be a dangerous place! There are many threats and dangers to our lives, many of which most people are not even aware of. I’ve created rssecurity.tips to help with FREE professional security advice on the subjects of personal safety and home security. I might sound like an idealist, but I believe that a few good people can make a difference, so I am trying to be one of those. Even if what I do cannot change the world, if it only might help one person, it was absolutely worth the effort!

Should you be taking your safety in your own hands?

Although for me the answer to this question is very obvious, I am aware that some of you might actually be still in doubt. As a law obeying citizen, you are being taught to rely on law and justice provided by the government. Think about that just for a moment, the law is only being enforced AFTER a crime has already happened, correct? The reality is, that no government can afford to put a police officer in front of everyone’s house, to ensure that everyone is safe. Our justice system, like many others, is based on punishment with fines and serving time in prison. That should scare lawbreakers off and make crime less appealing to them.

Now do I really need to say how effective this system is in reality? Not only do many crimes not get solved ever, but even if the criminals get caught, very often they walk away unpunished. The jails are crowded and therefore for certain crimes they do not even get sentenced anymore.

Even if the offender might get caught and punished, what good does that do to you, should you or someone close to you, become a victim of a crime? The unpleasant truth is, that to any government we are numbers. We are taxpayers, voters, but still only numbers and if something bad happens to us, we will become part of crime statistics. As long as these statistics remain within certain percentages, victims of crime are simply an acceptable loss! Now before you start panicking, there are of course ways to protect yourself and your property. However the bad news are, you will have to do something about it!

Security is actually one of the oldest professions in the world. Those who can afford it, are using this kind of services since the early days of civilization. To governments, corporations, business owners or wealthy people you do not need to explain the need for security. They know that it is necessary to actively protect their lives, families and property. They know that already for generations, but what about ordinary people? Many simply don’t have acquired that habits in their life. They often either think that it is too expensive, or that it is not necessary. After all, the government should take care of their safety. I strongly disagree with both! I’ve therefore made it my mission to show people with free security advice how to effectively protect themselves, their families, homes and belongings.

The information you will find here is intentionally kept less professional in terms of depth and terminology used. It targets a much wider audience than just managers and industry insiders. I will try to keep it an interesting read for everyday people with everyday problems and hope you will enjoy it and find something useful for yourself.

Stay Safe!

Renato Skofac


RSSecurity.tips is a personal blog written by Renato Skofac, dedicated to sharing helpful information about personal safety and security. As a Security professional and self-defence instructor with many years of experience, it is my intention to raise awareness of dangers related to crimes and violence, providing free advice on how to efficiently protect yourself, your loved ones and your homes from predators and criminals.

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